Diaphragm Meters:

We repair all diaphragm meters from 110 to 10,000 CFH capacities with different repair levels. There are several repair levels that you can choose from. If none fits your requirements, another level can be designed as per your specifications.

Rotary Meters:

Rotary meters from 8C to 38M CFH are repaired and calibrated. Necessary parts, like; bearings, oil fill plugs, sight gauges, counters, & covers are carried in inventory.

Turbine Meters:

From 2" to 8" AAT are repaired and calibrated. Also, refurbished are 90 degree angle body turbine meters. All necessary parts, like: bearings, gaskets, and o-rings, are carried in inventory.


We are equipped to repair and calibrate ultrasonic and orifice meters.