We manufacture and sell meter swivels and nuts of various sizes as per ANSI B109.2 and B1.20.1. All sizes/styles are available in either galvanized, black, or zinc coating.
  • 522NutG: 1A Nut G
  • 522NutB: 1A Nut B
  • 523NutG: EMCO Nut G
  • 523NutB: EMCO Nut B
  • 524NutG: 20LT Nut G
  • 524NutG: 20LT Nut B
  • 525NutG: 30LT Nut G
  • 525NutG: 30LT Nut B
  • 526NutG: 45LT Nut G
  • 526NutG: 45LT Nut B
  • 522NutZ: 1A Nut Z
  • 523NutZ: EMCO Nut Z
  • 524NutZ: 20LT Nut Z
  • 525NutZ: 30LT Nut Z
  • 526NutZ: 45LT Nut Z