Climate Change

Of course, recycling, reusing, and reducing are beneficial to us and the environment. Using re-manufactured gas meters is no exception!

Our remanufacturing and calibration processes conform to various ANSI/ISO Standards; therefore, the remanufactured product is acceptable as much as the new product let alone not counting the economic benefits and quick delivery. There is a significant saving compared to virgin material. Our system is regularly audited by the outside auditors.

The remanufactured product has shorter delivery time, is technically supported, generates tax revenue, keeps jobs local, and carries the same warranty as new meters carry.

Gas meters are mainly made of aluminum, other metals, and plastic/rubber products. A lot of energy is saved when these materials are not sent to incinerators or landfills thus reducing Green House Gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs, & SF6.)

Environment is at a rising risk pertaining to inefficiency in the use of resources throughout the product cycle viz. designing of the product, material purchase, production, packaging, warehousing, logistics and reverse logistics. The advancement in technology needs to be looked at for creation of efficient systems to address the same.

Protecting the natural environment is quintessential in today's times as rising population and advancement in technology put severe stress on the world environment. Businesses are a major contributor to environmental damage owing to inefficiency in the use of resources throughout the product cycle

Green Supply Chain improves waste management and reduces solid waste generation, lowers finished goods inventory and warehouse space, reduces transportation with better fleet utilization and achieves least total cost while minimizing carbon footprint, thereby leading to increased revenue and improved asset utilization, energy efficiency and lower emissions, noise and traffic reduction and health safety and security.

Re-manufactured meters conserve resources and reduce pollution including Green House Gases. It avoids upstream manufacture of new (virgin) material plus the downstream disposal emission of a single use.

MCI can help you meet GHG emission disclosure requirements. MCI can also help determine GHG benefits associated with purchasing remanufactured gas meters.

Let's discuss how we can work together and how MCI can contribute to your efforts in combating climate changes.

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