Badges/Barcode/RFID Tag (ID solution)

  • Re-badging is not new to us; it just got better and done in-house.
  • We make re-manufactured, company, or replacement badges in-house.
  • Embossed alphanumeric characters.
  • TC or Standard.
  • With all general information like MAOP, ANSI Class, rated max flow rate, OEM.
  • Measurement Controls Inc. has a sophisticated computer database system for tracking meters known as Meter System. It has extensive lookup, search and diverse reporting capabilities for both active and historical records. It also generates Proof Sheets, Packing, Error, or Testing Reports and Labels.

    The Meter System has been in production over several years and has been an evolving computer application. It is capable of providing custom reports, storing client-specific custom fields and also extracting/downloading custom files in various formats. We are in the process of upgrading it to use bar-coding and scanning technology. This is a custom-developed system and interfaces with various other custom and/or over-the-shelf products. Being custom-developed, we have the source code and in-house expertise to modify the system to meet and satisfy the unique needs of our clients.