Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy covers all aspects of the operations of Measurement Controls, Inc. - from good housekeeping measures to employee's safety. The policy also commits to promoting suppliers and services that adhere to environmentally sound ways of operating.

All staff has access to this Environmental Policy. The Environmental Policy should be regularly referred to in decision-making and team meetings.

Measurement Controls, Inc. practises the principles of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Measurement Controls, Inc. has the following in place:

  • Environment, Safety, and Health Plan
  • Contingency plan for Hazardous material

MCI will use post-consumer papers and other products, where possible.

MCI will seek to purchase fair traded and environmentally sound goods.

MCI will promote generating electricity from renewable energy.

MCI will seek to minimise the use of energy and commits to reducing wastes of natural resources in its operation.

The environmental policy will need to be reviewed periodically. All aspects of the policy are monitored as an ongoing practice. An annual review will be carried out by the management committee.